Qualifying for

Colorado Preschool Program (CPP) Funding


* It takes ONE (1) or more qualifying factors for a PK student to receive CPP funding (students turning 4-years-old by July 1).

* It takes THREE (3) or more qualifying factors in order for a

3-year-old student to receive CPP funding.

It is very important that you identify any concerns

you may have when completing application forms!


Qualifying Factors:

  • Qualifies financially (Determined by Family Economic Survey)

  • In need of language development (speech issues? hard to understand?)

  • Poor social skills of child (extreme shyness, hyperactivity, ability to get along with others, temper, attention span, etc...)

  • Child has health or developmental concerns (communication, motor     skills, problem solving, social skills, ability to learn, balance, etc..)

  • Frequent relocation by family (have moved from home to home)

  • Family lives with grandparents or others

  • Parent unmarried & teen when child was born

  • Parent w/o GED or HS diploma

  • Neglected/dependent child under DHS

  • Drug or alcohol abuse in child's family

  • Child exposed to abuse

Qualifying for

Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

* Early Childhood Special Education Services are offered through BOCES at our site.


* If you are concerned with your child's speech & language abilities, behaviors, or development, please contact CHILD FIND and set up an appointment for your child to be evaluated.  


* Having your child qualified prior to the beginning of the school year will mean that therapy and interventions can begin immediately.  


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